Friday, May 20, 2011

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Bharat Tea Plantation : Cameron Valley Tea (Pot for 2 person : rm 6)

Although I have been to Cameron Highlands (C.H.) for a few times since small, I have never tasted their famous product ~ CAMERON TEA ! There is a Bharat Tea House with the plantations and cafe at Tringkap. You may get a variety of fragrance tea there.

Strawberry and blueberry strudel (rm7.50)

You may have it at Green View Garden's cafe (2nd station when you go along the route up to Brinchang from Simpang Pulai) and its branches, Strawberry Moment which located at De Garden, Ipoh and Brinchang, C.H.

We have had our lunch at Kowloon Restaurant beside Kowloon Hotel , Brinchang. It was operated since my 1st time during my childhood. Although its historical building, the cleanliness of the restaurant was up to standard and the prices of the food are reasonable and fixed. We ordered their specialties like below which was recommended. In a nutshell, we were delighted and satisfied of those dishes and their services was perfect.

Fried Mushroom


Claypot Taufu

Lemon Chicken

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